6 weeks til Christmas

Trampolines & 6 weeks – the connection? We are loving the move away from digital forms of entertainment to active entertainment. We are receiving more and more calls from parents and grandparents who want to encourage their children to go outside and have some fun. Jump, run around, engage with each other, breathe the fresh read more »

What is the difference between Vuly Classic Trampoline and Vuly Thunder Trampoline?

What is the difference between Vuly classic trampoline and Vuly thunder trampoline? Both of the trampolines are built with a spring system but the Classic trampoline is built with a coil spring which is what most trampoline are built with. And a Thunder is built with a leaf spring system. Now talking about weight ratings. read more »

Why is the Vuly Classic Trampoline better and more expensive than a trampoline from a Mass Merchant?

Vuly Classic Price A mass merchant product is always available at a certain price range to reach general mass population needs. They are imported products that you cannot buy spare parts for either. The vuly trampoline product however is endorsed by Olympic trampolinists. Has been researched and developed within Australia and you can get spare read more »

What is the difference between the SpringFree brand and other products in the trampoline market?

Springfree vs Thunder vs other Trampolines The image you’re looking at now is the Vuly Thunder Trampoline, it is a spring less product – spring less trampoline. It has no springs and it is evenly sprung with a metal leaf system that is secured from the base into the jump mat. That makes the mat read more »

Why should I buy a Vuly instead of a cheaper brand, for example the Action brand?

Vuly vs Action It’s a really good question. You know we’ve seen a lot of very sad trampolines in the past. We do a lot of trampoline installations across Sydney and the greater part of Sydney and we’ve seen the cheaper brands and what happens over time to these cheaper brands. These cheaper brands are read more »